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Some ideas on encouraging your kids to code

Some ideas on encouraging your kids to code

Are you kids curious about code? Pondering programming? Getting them while they are young and teaching them this indispensable skill is a great way to prepare them for the demands of the job market in the future. Coding and programming skills are increasingly in demand at the moment and this is set to increase in the future. Those that can code will find themselves more employable than those who cannot.

Here are some tips on getting them interested in learning how to code.


1. Coding equals creativity

Coding is not just about maths, it is about being creative and creating something from literally nothing. The stereotype of computer programmers is that they are all math nerds but it is incorrect. This can put kids off, as well as adults so it’s important to reiterate that coding is creative and it brings to life all manner of things- games, robots, apps and even art.


2. Encourage them to explore

You should find age-appropriate ways of allowing your children to play with coding, without making them read instruction manuals or too much text. You need to create a space for them to discover and experiment, not stick to step-by-step instructions. If you encourage them to experiment, you will spark interest and creativity that you wouldn’t otherwise


3. Figure out their passions

Coding can be utilized to create a wide range of different programmes. The best way to get them involved is to choose a project that is in line with their current favourites, rather than forcing something they don't like onto them. Game design kits, drawing, animation, robotics, websites, sports- the list is endless. If you have a sports fan, don’t force them into game design and vice versa. Tap into something they enjoy and show them how to use coding to enjoy it even more!


4. Make coding social

Coding doesn’t have to be a solo activity. As your child gets into it, they will begin to discover a network of friends and peers who are also interested in coding. This will help to keep them engaged for longer as the social aspect will stop them from getting bored. They can join forums, groups, or even utilize online streaming platforms to help them stay in touch with others that share similar passions. This is a great way to keep them excited and stop them from getting bored after a couple of days.


5. Keep it fun

Coding and programming should never be a chore for young minds. You need to strike a balance between encouraging them and allowing them to decide if it really is something they want to pursue in the long run. You can help them along a bit by bringing problem solving into other areas of their education and play- this can help them develop a love for coding later down the line, even if not today.

Introducing your kids to coding is a great way to keep them entertained as well as opening up a whole world of possibilities for the future.


Authored by the Finerton.com News Team (Malta)
Images Sourced from Unsplash.com & Pixabay.com

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