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Malta Calendar of Events for September 2019

Malta Calendar of Events for September 2019

Here is a sample of the many cultural and artistic events taking place on the Maltese Islands during August 2019.


1. FESTIVAL: Malta Craft Beer Festival 2019

Three days of the finest brews, delicious food and sweets, awesome live music from top local bands, informative beer workshops and a new pop-up shop with beers and merchandise. Until 1 September at Fort St. Elmo in Valletta. The festival is organised by Lord Chambray and The Craft Beer Company. More information from: http://craftbeerfestival.mt/


2. MUSIC: Versatile and Friends for ALS 2019

In an attempt to raise funds for DAR Bjorn, ALS Malta has once again partnered up with Versatile Brass and other local artists in order to put up an unforgettable concert. This event will be held on 4 September 2019 at St George’s Square in Valletta. More information from: https://shop.alsmalta.org/collections/applications/products/seated-vip-tickets-versatile-friends-for-als-2019


3. PRIDE: Malta Pride Week 2019

Malta Pride Week will be held between 6 and 15 September 2019, with over 15 events planned in every category including fashion, art, film and sports in Malta and Gozo. More information from: https://www.gaymalta.com/prideweekevents2019


4. MUSIC: Stage and Proms on the Sea

This event will be held on 9 September at the Mġarr Marina in Mġarr, Gozo. The audience will be able to enjoy a variety of excerpts and medleys from musicals and classic encores performed in the BBC Proms Final Night held at The Royal Albert Hall. The proceeds will go in support of the Gozo Youth Wind Band and Orchestra. More information from: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/event-details/2019-09/stage-and-proms-on-the-sea-12672


5. MUSIC: The Rite of Spring

The event, featuring the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta on 14 September. More information from: http://www.maltaorchestra.com/events/the-rite-of-spring/


6. MUSIC: Endless Pleasure concert

The concert by soprano Elin Manahan Thomas will be held on 19 September 2019 at the Casino Maltese in Republic Street, Valletta. Sopranos Hannah Bonnici and Michaela Agius, and accompanist Maria Elena Farruġia will also be participating in this concert. More information from: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/event-details/2019-09/endless-pleasure-concert-13058


7. MILITARY TATTOO: Malta Military Tattoo 2019

The event will be held between 20 and 22 September at St George's Square, Valletta. The Malta Military Tattoo is a yearly event which features military bands and other elements which come together to provide a spectacular show for audiences of all ages. More information from: https://www.maltamilitarytattoo.org/en/home.htm


8. FESTIVAL: The Qala International Folk Festival

Now in its 14th year, this event has developed into a colourful celebration of cultures through folk dance and music. For a whole weekend, the village of Qala in Gozo is transformed into a hub of folk activities as the quaint village square is brought to life by a unique intercultural programme. From 20 to 22 September. More information from: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/event-details/2019-09/the-qala-international-folk-festival-2019-12627


9. TRADITIONAL: Traditions: Wine, Olive Oil, and Honey

On 21 September 2019, the village of Gharb in Gozo will be holding this event. Back for a third year, this family-friendly evening event will offer visitors local food, wine, honey tasting activities, and olive oil delicacies including a chance to try olive oil-flavoured ice cream, as well as traditional sweet honey pastries. More information from: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/event-details/2019-09/traditions-wine-olive-oil-and-honey-2019-12673


10. MUSIC: Music for a While

This concert by soprano Elin Manahan Thomas will be held on 21 September 2019 at St Paul's Anglican Pro-Cathedral in Valletta. Accompanist Caroline Calleja will also be participating in this concert. More information from: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/event-details/2019-09/music-for-a-while-13059


11. FESTIVAL: The Malta International Folk Festival

This event will be held between 26 and 30 September in various venues. During this festival, various folk groups, pipe bands, and flag-wavers will participate in street parades and performances. More information from: https://www.facebook.com/maltafolkfestival/



The Classique Foundation will be presenting the second edition of the festival MUSIC+ from 27 September to 1 October. This festival will include recitals by top international and local artists, masterclasses in clarinet, violin and piano, talks, workshops for primary school children and an opera written for children. More information from: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/event-details/2019-09/music--12962


13. FESTIVAL: Żejt iż-Żejtun

Żejtun will be celebrating the start of the olive-picking season and pressing of oil through its annual festival, aptly called Żejt iż-Żejtun on 29 September. More information from: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/event-details/2019-09/and-379-ejt-iand-379-and-379-ejtun-2019-12595


Authored by Dmax Blogging Team for Finerton.com –August 2019

Images Sourced from Unsplash.com, Pixabay.com & The events’ organizers’ online promos

Last modified on: August 27, 2019

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