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Top 5 best languages for artificial intelligence

Top 5 best languages for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and developers looking for exciting and challenging jobs in the world of programming need to know how to code for it. But what language do you use when you want to simulate the human brain? Whilst it might seem like an impossible task, it is not- these are the best languages to learn if you want to code for artificial intelligence.

1. R

When it comes to effective languages for manipulating data for statistical purposes, R has to be one of the top ones. By using R, you can easily produce publication quality plot that includes formulas and mathematical symbols where you need them. As well as being a great general purpose language, R also has various packages including Class, Gmodels, TM and RODBC which are mainly used in machine learning. If you want to implement machine learning code and algorithms then this is the language and these are the packages for you.


2. Python

When it comes to programming and developing AI, Python is without a doubt considered as the gold standard. It is a very simple language and the syntaxes that belong to it are easily learned and mastered by anyone that applies themselves. Therefore, lots of AI algorithms are implemented in it, due to the fact that it has a very fast development time when compared to languages such as Java, C++ or Ruby. It also supports object oriented programming as well as procedure oriented styles. In terms of resources there are a number of libraries in the language that are available which makes it a lot easier to solve scientific computations.


3. Lisp

Invented by John McCarthy, otherwise known as ‘the father of AI’, in 1958. Whilst it may be one of the oldest programming languages out there, it is still one of the most suited and has the ability to process symbolic information effectively and is also known for its prototyping capabilities. Lisp was also the first language to have features such as interactive evaluation of expressions and recompilation of functions or files whilst the programme was still running. Many of these have now migrated to other languages, but Lisp was the first to do it.


4. Prolog

This language is also considered one of the best languages for programming AI. Its features include tree-based data structuring, automatic backtracking, and efficient pattern matching. All of these features work together to create a very powerful programming network. This language is typically used for AI systems as well as programmes in the medical sector.


5. Java

Java is one of the world’s most widely used programming languages but it can also be used for AI development. A lot of AI functionality requires genetic programming, artificial neural networks, and search algorithms. Java is great for this and it is easy to use, easy to debug, and provides good graphical representation of data and efficient user interaction. You can also use Swing and the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) with it which means you can make interfaces and graphics look way more sophisticated than without.


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Last modified on: July 26, 2019

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