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5 reasons why coders make fantastic CEOs

5 reasons why coders make fantastic CEOs

Coders are not usually considered CEO material. Of course, there are some high-profile examples, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Billy Gates and Steve Wozniak , but by-and-large, coders are not usually considered to have much talent for or interest in the business side of software. Here we give a couple of examples of why we think that coders can make a smooth transition to a leadership position and why they actually might even be well-suited as a CEO.


1. Coders are great at managing logistics

Programmers are very good at logistics because they have to plan so much. As a coder you tend to spend a lot of time you solving other people’s problems, which is also an essential part of a CEO’s job.


2. Problem-solving skills are key

Does the following sound like a regular scenario to you? You struggle with a seemingly-impossible to solve problem with code and then, suddenly the solution pops into your head. This is such an advantage/skill to have, not only for a coder but for a CEO as well. You can apply this skill to countless situations.


3. Coders understand current technologies

AI and mobile technologies keep advancing at an alarmingly-fast pace. As a CEO you need to keep up with them; as a coder, you already do. A knowledge of coding helps to identify which technologies are worthwhile and which can help your business.


4. A technical CEO knows who to hire

A CEO with coding background knows how to hire the right engineers – a skill that is critical to a business’s success, especially in the early days. Being able to explain the intricacies of a job gives candidates a clearer picture of what they’ll be working on, and at the same time, helps with the sell.


5. Coders know what to expect

If you have personal experience with coding, it helps with time management for the entire team, because you know exactly what to expect from your employees.

Authored by Dmax Blogging Team for Finerton.com – July 2019
Images: Pixabay.com & Unsplash.com

Last modified on: July 26, 2019

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