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How quantum computing is set to shape the future of the world

How quantum computing is set to shape the future of the world

Governments and big name tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Google are continuing to make significant investments in quantum computing and their hopes seem pinned on it changing the world. But can it? And how exactly can this new breed of supercomputer disrupt existing industries? Here are just five ways that quantum computing is set to shape the future of the world.


1. Online security

The impact of quantum computers will be both good and bad for online security. Firstly, our current data encryption methods will become totally obsolete due to the speed in which these machines will be able to “crack the code”. This will require a lot of upgrading and changing of existing systems, but it has also resulted in the development of quantum encryption methods. For example, quantum key distribution is an ultra-secure communication method which requires a key to decode a message, without it and if the message gets intercepted, no one else is able to read it.


2. Artificial Intelligence

The level of information processing that is required to advance machine learning is idea for the capabilities of quantum computing. These computers will be able to analyse a huge amount of data in order to provide AI machines with the information they need to improve their performance. The analysis of this data can be done a lot more efficiently and on a much larger scale than a normal computer and therefore the learning curve of AI machines can be significantly shortened.


3. Drug Development

To develop a drug, chemists have to be able to accurate evaluate the way molecules, proteins, and chemicals interact, in order to see whether a medicine can improve a certain condition. Something like this requires the analysis of an extraordinary amount of combinations which is incredibly time and labour intensive. Quantum computers are able to do many of these reviews simultaneously, thus making it possible for chemists to find the most viable drug options quicker.


4. Weather Forecasting

Whilst the weatherman or the app on your phone might have you believe that they are accurate, the reality is it is all still a bit of a guessing game. Quantum computers however will have the ability to analyse all available data at once meaning that meteorologists will have a much better idea of when bad weather, or good weather is on its way. The UK Met Office has already invested in quantum computing to help improve its forecasting, and it is hoped that this can also help improve climate change forecasting as well.


5. Traffic Control

Whether you are on the ground or in the air, quantum computers will have the power to significantly streamline traffic control. They will be able to quickly calculate the optimum travel routes which means scheduling becomes more effective and traffic congestion can be reduced.


Authored by Finerton.com – June 2019
Pictures: Pixabay.com & Unsplash.com

Last modified on: June 28, 2019

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