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10 ideas that can help make your office more eco-friendly

10 ideas that can help make your office more eco-friendly

A happy office means happy employees! Here are some ways to make your office-space a sustainable haven for those who love the environment and are eco-minded.


1. Turn off electronics, lighting, and heat at the end of every working day

Just before leaving the office, switch off all the equipment you have been using plus any lights, air-conditioners, heaters and so on. Remember that  power is still being consumed if your equipment is plugged in (this is known as phantom or standby power and can become a huge expense), so if it is possible, unplug as well as switch off.


2. Go paperless… as much as possible

Print out only those papers you really need, reduce the number of printers in your office and keep things digital whenever possible.


3. Place a plant on every desk

This will improve indoor air quality and bring some nature into the office environment. Plants also produce more oxygen, offsetting any chemicals released into the air by office furniture. Win-win.


4. Maximise natural light

Relying on natural light when possible saves energy (and money); plus, research has shown that employees working near sunlit windows have a 15% higher production rate. Another Win-Win!


5. Install motion-activated light switches

While on the subject of light… did you know that you can improve energy efficiency immensely by installing motion-activated light switches especially in less frequently-used rooms such as boardrooms, as well as in bathrooms?


6. Recycle when and what you can

Many materials commonly used at the workplace can go into the recycling bin rather than the trash, such as paper, carboard boxes, batteries and even any electronics that are no longer being used. You could even have a sealed compost container in the kitchen or staff room for food leftovers.


7. Use Environmentally-friendly products

Nowadays, you can find an environmentally-friendly version of almost any product on the market. You can start by buying environmentally-friendly alternative cleaning materials, for example, or stationary supplies that come from recycled material.


8. Ditch single-use plastic and other disposables

Instead of using disposable cups at the office, either have cups for everyone or ask the employees to bring their own. Same goes for kitchenware and cutlery. Encourage employees to bring their lunch in reusable containers rather than plastic bags.


9. Allow work from home; even if only for a couple of days a week

This decreases the environmental effects of commuting to and from work. Plus, employees can be just as — if not more — productive when working from home.


10. Keep computer equipment updated

Current new computers and monitors are more energy-efficient than those more than a few years old, so update your equipment regularly.


Authored by Finerton.com – June 2019
Pictures: Pixabay.com & Unsplash.com

Last modified on: June 28, 2019

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