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Hello! from Finerton

By bringing together raw talent, business foresight and technological innovation, Finerton is well-geared to assist you with your needs and entrepreneurial aspirations. Backed by years of business experience, we are ready to invest in solutions that can help us reach new markets. For this reason we are always on the lookout for opportunities and smart innovations.

Our News, Market Insights & Blogs

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Why choose us

Our Business Foresight
  • We hail from the business sector where we have run several successful enterprises; this gives us both the financial standing as well as the insight to turn ideas into fruition.
  • We are ready to invest in solutions that can help us reach new markets and, for this reason, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities and cutting-edge innovations.

Unique Company Drive
  • We can understand your business, as we enjoy a long-standing & positive business track record of our own.
  • We are success-oriented and are accustomed to helping clients focus on winning in their field.
  • We are experienced and seasoned developers with industry experience in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

A Team of Go-getters
  • Our team of developers and business executives are client-centric - ensuring that you, as the customer, always remain the focal point of our operations.
  • We employ the best-of-breed personnel and support them with ongoing training to always keep them ahead of the industry requirements.
  • We are multicultural and open to new ideas and business innovations.

Passionate about Support
  • Our people are trained to be receptive, pro-support and welcoming to our clients’ needs.
  • Your challenge is our challenge - we try harder so that your business reaps the results.
  • We are approachable, available and flexible.

Why work with us?

Passionate about what we do

At Finerton, we love what we do and we like to surround ourselves with like minded individuals, people who wish to make a difference in this world, starting from every project, no matter how small or how large it may be.

A positive & outgoing company culture

Working with Finerton enables you to share our company culture with us. Together, irrespective of our titles, age or responsibilities, we are united in our eagerness to learn more, to support our clients and to succeed in all that we do. Together, we are one strong business entity to be reckoned with.

An exciting future ahead…

Backed by visionary leaders with decades of business experience, we have exciting plans about Finerton’s future. By forming part of the Finerton family, you too can reap the rewards of our collective hard work and determination.

Core Technologies With Limitless Possibilities

Developing software requires an experienced team that understands how your business works. At Finerton we specialize in end-to-end software development and, use industry best practices to ensure a smarter software solution that boosts your business.

The Finerton team can assist you in solving your software development challenges by turning your vision into a tangible solution. Our Systems Analysts will study your brief, and support you at all stages of the development process.